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DU PONT. 2018 Changes to the Pension Plan and Other Post-Retirement Benefits
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
DuPont Colleagues,

Like most major companies, DuPont has evolved our compensation and benefit plans over time in an effort to provide competitive benefits for our employees while assuring us a leading competitive position in our industries. In 2007, we closed our U.S. pension plan to new employees, while modifying the existing plan and implementing our enriched 401(k) for DuPont employees at the time. Since then, we’ve taken similar steps throughout all of our businesses in the U.S., offering more modern, portable benefits that help you save for a secure retirement.

The DuPont Board and our senior management team recently completed an extensive and thoughtful evaluation of our retirement benefits, and determined that additional changes need to be implemented beginning in 2018. The changes will reflect another step in our multi-year analysis and bring us closer to the practices of our global peer set. We are announcing the changes now in order to give you plenty of time to fully understand them and factor them into your own long-term thinking about retirement.

It is important to know that these changes only apply if you’re an active employee in the U.S. or Puerto Rico who participates in the DuPont Pension and Retirement Plan (the “Pension Plan”). These changes have no impact on current retirees whose benefits were earned prior to their separation from DuPont, and do not affect active employees outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as our benefits strategy is a country-driven process, with benchmarking performed on a local level.
The following changes apply ONLY to active employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico who participate in our Pension Plan and other post-retirement medical, dental and life insurance benefits:
The Pension Plan benefit will stop growing (“freeze”), effective the earlier of November 30, 2018 or the effective date of the first independent company we intend to create following our proposed merger with Dow.
All benefits that you have earned under the Pension Plan thus far, and through the freeze date, are secure by law and will remain part of your overall Pension Plan benefit.
Beginning on the pension freeze date, only participants who are age 50 or older at the time of the freeze will be eligible for post-retirement medical, dental and life insurance benefits.
All eligible employees will continue to benefit from DuPont’s U.S. Retirement Savings Plan or the Puerto Rico Savings and Investment Plan, which are very competitive when compared to peer companies and provide investment choice, flexibility, resources, and tools to enhance your personal planning process.
The Health Savings Account also continues for eligible employees.¹ This personal account belongs to you and can be used tax-free to cover eligible medical expenses now and in retirement.
Like other major Fortune 500 companies, DuPont is making these changes to maintain our commitment to providing modern retirement plan options for employees that support your financial security and enable the company to better manage the volatility and unpredictability of retirement plan costs.
We are providing multiple sources of information for you. The attached video message offers some additional context on our decision to make these changes. We are also providing a one-page summary highlighting what is changing and not changing, and a special informational website at The website includes a range of resources to help you fully understand the changes, including a modeling tool to help you gauge the potential effect on your personal retirement benefits.
I recognize that these changes are important to you and your families, and we will do our very best to provide you the information and support you need to fully understand how they affect you. Apart from reviewing the information provided, there is no immediate action for you to take. Going forward, I strongly encourage you to regularly visit, where we will share the most up-to-date information, contacts, and tools necessary to guide you through these changes.
Benito Cachinero-Sánchez
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
1 The HSA is not available to employees in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, or on an international assignment.

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